Congratulations to Anna B. from Kansas City, MO.
Raffle Ticket #: 76827876S

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets and helped to support our efforts to provide awareness and funding for four non-profits. While it was always our hope to sell enough tickets to give away the home, the raffle’s Official Rules provided that ticket sales during the raffle period were required to reach at least $1.25 million in order to award the lake home as the raffle prize.

As stated in the Official Rules, if ticket sales did not reach $1.25 million by the end of the raffle period, the raffle prize would be two-week’s vacation lodging at a resort or residence on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. Perhaps due in large part to the Covid-19 pandemic and the unpredictable effect it has had on the economy and the raffle, and despite our varied and determined marketing efforts, ticket sales did not reach the $1.25 million mark by the end of the raffle period.*

Accordingly, the prize awarded to the holder of the winning raffle ticket will be the two-week’s vacation lodging accommodation described in the raffle’s Official Rules.

You may not have won a home or a Branson resort vacation, but you have helped introduce the work of these four non-profits to thousands of new people. Thank you again for your help. And to learn more, please take some time to review the wonderful work of these four organizations. They are changing lives and making a real difference.

Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment Company, the independent agent authorized to administer the raffle, will select the winning raffle ticket by a random drawing from all eligible tickets no later than October 3, 2020.

The holder of the winning raffle ticket will be contacted by Arrowhead within 10 days of the drawing, and the name of the winner will subsequently be posted on the raffle website.

To all of the raffle participants, thank you again for your interest and support.